Empower. Educate. Integrity. Trust.”

Welcome to Matthew Chan’s InvestorAgent1.com website: A synergy of real estate agency services and “real-world” investor education.

Matthew provides the following professional services:

  • Buyer Agency Representation for Investor/buyers seeking investment properties
  • Property tax appeal representation of investment properties (for landlords and real estate investors)
  • Customized (Discount or Flat-fee) MLS Listing Service Available
  • Real Estate Investor Meetups and Workshops (Beginning & Novice Investors)
  • Real estate contracts & agreements
  • Retainer service for “subject-to” mortgages, wrap-around mortgages, lease-options, seller-financing, Section 8 rentals, and land contracts advice/assistance in Georgia.
  • Consulting of Financial accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation for real estate investors using Property Management software, QuickBooks, TaxAct, and TurboTax.
  • Customized real estate Sales Comps service for real estate investors
  • Credit-building service for real estate investors